How Gramsformers Works

The secret sauce? Good’ol automation

When you press the ‘Get Followers’ button

There are no magic beans

Just computers doing the click work for you

Here is what happens

It is like you were logging in from a new machine

(Sometimes instagram sends you an email)

  1. Heading to
  2. Entering your login details
  3. Navigating to the account you specify
  4. Loading the list of their followers
  5. Clicking the follow button on all the followers
  6. Then clicking the unfollow button

It is exactly the same as if you were doing it

Except you are not doing it

Because it would waste hours and hours

Our computers are working for you

So you are free to get on with your life

We tread carefully for you

You don’t want your account to look weird

Neither do we

Add 1,000 followers at once? Nope

Just like your content posts

Best done at a steady rhythm

Watch your account following number rise and fall

As we get to work for you

It’s not me it’s you?

This service may not be for you!

The idea is that followers you target are drawn to your page

They like what they see on your page and choose to follow

1 - You need to have some good content

If your page is pants then no one will want to follow

So before you spend your hard-earned pennies

Get your page in order

2 - The followers need to be interested

You may have great content on your page; that’s awesome

What if it is not of interest to the audience you are drawing?

They will not follow

That is a big fat waste

Use your brain and really think…

… is the account you select the best one to get followers from

This isn’t advanced physics

Example - If your account is about sport

and you target a sports account

That’s great!

But if you can narrow it down a bit further then

guess what? that is a good thing too

Now you know what you need to know

If you follow these steps then you have access to a simple formula

This has given people like you results time and again

So you can focus on

Making great content

Having Fun

Feeling Awesome

Get started